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Holistic Counseling Course - Part 1

Holistic Counseling is a professional course that teaches you how to ask questions to bring awareness to the patient so that they understand how to become their own healers. It is a gentle, powerful, and effective tool that natural health practitioners can use in their practice to help their patients get down to the bottom of their own struggle and buried wounds.

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Holistic Counseling - The Course Part 1

EVERY PERSON HAS A THREAD of false belief systems that runs through their lives. That thread entangles them in a trap which leads to suffering and illness. Dr. Moshe teaches you the method that unravels the thread that controls peoples' lives and helps set them free from illness.

"One of the best experiences of my young medical career and quite frankly, my life." Michael J. McPherson, ND candidate

“This course should be mandatory at all Naturopathic medicine colleges." Caitlin Barbiero, ND

"That's the school I wanted to go to." -Lisa Lavoie, N.D.

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Part 1 Class for Download

CCNM in Toronto, Ontario

November 2015 

Good class. Great info. Excellent sound and slide visibility. Only slides are visible ie Dr. Moshe and class not visible - only slides are.

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Holistic Counseling The Book

Required reading (print or e-book)

See Table of Contents for Course

Important - In order to take part 1 online, you must register with a partner for the portions of practising the Vis Dialogue. Please let us know if you will be registering with a partner and who that is, or if you would like us to provide you with a partner when one is available.