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Holistic Counseling Course - Part 2 View larger

Holistic Counseling Course - Part 2

Step 2 of the Holistic Counseling Certification Process. More in depth knowledge and advanced techniques of Holistic Counseling.

Requirements: Part 1 is prerequisite, 10 Vis Dialogues practiced, and student must submit 2 filled-in self-assessment forms.

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Holistic Counseling Part 2 Topics

Section 1

Key Points and Metaphors for Holistic Practice

Go Into and Through the Negative 
Encountering the blank-stare, open-mouthed wall – Keep on Going
“Exploring-Elsewhere” Questions:
Transition Questions
Closing Questions: An in-depth review and deeper understanding

Boiling Down a Belief

Isolating the Conditional I AM Statement 
Technique of Going through the Physical Symptoms to Get to the Root Cause

The Vis Dialogue Main Principles - Holistic Counseling Flowchart

More Live Cases Demo in Class

More Practice with Partner

Section 2 

More Advanced Questions and Holistic Counseling Techniques

Section 3

Case Management

Modalities that Complement Holistic Counseling

Addressing Obstacles to Cure in Practice

Acute vs Chronic situations

Management of Drugs during Holistic practice

What to do During Follow-Ups

Homework to help further the Discoveries in Practice

Files to Submit Before Adding to Cart

For Part 2, please attach two filled-in Self-Assessment forms. After saving your forms by clicking on Save in the bottom right, remember to add Part 2 to your cart in the top right of your screen.
Allowed file formats are: .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF, .TXT, .WPD, .WPS



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